Ambassador opposes targeting China for political gains

By XING YI in London |
Updated: May 27, 2024
Ambassador Zheng Zeguang makes a speech at a London roadshow for the second edition of the China International Supply Chain Expo. [Photo provided to]

China has no interest in other countries' internal affairs, but opposes any politicians targeting it to score political points, China's ambassador to the United Kingdom said on Friday.

Ambassador Zheng Zeguang made the remarks at a London roadshow for the second edition of the China International Supply Chain Expo, which will take place in Beijing later this year.

"The United Kingdom is holding a general election this year. I have no interest in making any comment about the UK's internal affairs, but I do want to be unequivocally clear in opposing the behavior of any politician to use China as an easy target for political benefits," said Zheng. "It is counterproductive to our relations, and not in the common interests of the two countries. People should not underestimate the judgment and common sense of the voters in all countries."

Speaking to a full house of Chinese and British business leaders, Zheng countered the so-called "industrial policies" and "overcapacity" claims made by some Western politicians and media outlets.

"China's EVs and other high-tech products are competitive in their pricing, not because of government subsidies, but because of the cutting-edge technology and the scale of the Chinese market and China's complete industrial system," he said.

In the country's pursuit of high-quality and low-carbon development, Chinese companies have accumulated world-leading technologies in the production of solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, and electric vehicles.

"All these comprehensive advantages have made our products more affordable on the international market. So, the so-called problem of China's excess capacity doesn't exist from either perspective of comparative advantage or in the light of global demand," he said.

Zheng said Chinese exports to the world have alleviated the pressure of high inflation and the high cost of living, and contributed significantly to the global demand for green products in the fight against climate change.

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