Hani youth promotes intangible culture through startup

Updated: May 4, 2024

Yang Yuni, a passionate young advocate for preserving the cultural heritage of the Hani ethnic group, has cultivated a booming career in her hometown of Yunnan province, Southwest China.

Inspired by the rich legacy of Hani terraced farming culture, Yang founded the Yuni Cultural Heritage Center during her college years. Her mission is to empower local youth, instilling pride in their cultural identity while offering avenues for creative expression and personal growth.

Yang Yuni of the post-1995 generation, calls on her peers to embrace their heritage and pursue their aspirations with unwavering dedication.

During this year's Youth Day, China Daily website's 'Life is' column highlights the stories of ambitious young individuals like Yang, who are tirelessly working to realize their dreams. Watch the video to witness Yang's inspiring interactions with her students, as she shares the beauty of Hani songs and dance.

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