Watch it again: Celebrating 60 Years of China-France Relations with Youth Power
Updated: Jan 26, 2024

A special episode of Youth Power, "A Journey Together: China-France Relations at 60", will air at 10 am on Jan 26 Beijing time (Jan 25 at 9 pm EST).

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic ties, this special episode explores the rich exchanges between the two nations.

Chinese and French Gen Zers come together to discuss ways to deepen cooperation in economics, politics, culture and society, emphasizing cross-cultural dialogue and understanding among the youth of both countries. As they exchange ideas and experiences, these dynamic collaborations not only strengthen bilateral relations but also contribute to the global conversation on fostering international harmony and cooperation.

Youth Power, organized by China Daily, aims to build a global platform of communication and exchange, focusing on the interests and ideas of Generation Z.

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