'20th CPC Congress' voted top phrase of year

By Zou Shuo | China Daily
Updated: Dec 21, 2022
The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. [Photo/IC]

The "20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China "was chosen as the nation's most popular phrase this year while the hottest word related to domestic issues was "stability".

They were chosen at the annual assessment of popular phrases and words used by Chinese-language media and voted on by netizens.

The event was organized by the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, publishing house Commercial Press and Guangming Online. It was the 17th time the lists have been published.

The 20th CPC National Congress made the list because it was a very important congress that conveyed the staunch voice of the Party, a country and a nation, the organizers said.

The congress declared resolutely that the original inspiration of the Party is to seek happiness for the people and that its commitment has always been people-centered.

Other popular phrases relating to domestic issues included "Chinese path to modernization", "whole-process people's democracy", "targeted epidemic control "and "together for a shared future".

Meng Man, a professor at Minzu University of China, said "stability" was also chosen as the hottest word in 2019, reflecting people's hopes for a stable and secure life.

In the past year, there were many unstable factors such as COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, she said.

In most cases, stability is achieved through unity and concerted efforts, and the 20th CPC National Congress is the biggest source of stability, which exemplifies clearly the strength of the Party and the trust between the people and the Party, she said.

"Looking back to more than 100 years since the founding of the Party and the past 10 years of the new era, we can say with confidence that the CPC is a responsible and visionary party and China is a nation with tenacity and patience," she added.

Meanwhile, "war" was chosen as the hottest word related to international topics this year, and the hottest phrase related to international topics this year was "Russia-Ukraine conflict".

Other popular phrases on international topics included "Omicron variant", "Qatar World Cup" and "chaos".

There is no true winner in war and conflicts and the solution to them is through dialogue and consultation, the organizers said.

The key to a cease-fire is for countries around the world to be wise and open-minded enough to understand that human society is a community dependent on each other, they added.

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