Chinese modernization delivers economic growth for the world
Updated: Nov 23, 2022

"China was the powerhouse of economic growth globally for the last 30 years. Now, this modernization program can help to deliver more economic growth for the world," said Digby James Wren, a senior special adviser to, and director of the Mekong Research Center, the International Relations Institute, Royal Academy of Cambodia.

Speaking of the most important takeaway from the National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Digby James Wren mentioned two phrases: high-quality economic development and modernization.

"Now, China is looking to have high-quality economic development to achieve its second centenary goal of being a modern socialist country by 2049, and also to provide a paradigm of economic development that the developing economies around the world can follow," said Digby.

Digby James Wren mentioned that China's modernization for the next five years will focus on four important elements: sustainability, green and low carbon, ecological civilization and environmental protection.

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