New Tibet railway service benefits region

Updated: July 26, 2021

The month-old railway linking Lhasa and Nyingchi in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region has handled 106,000 trips, greatly cutting travel time and benefiting local residents and travelers.

According to China State Railway Group, the national railway operator, the line, linking the regional capital and major cities, handled 3,500 trips a day on average.

The long-waited railway line began operation on June 25, linking Nyingchi, Shigatse and Lhokha.

It cuts travel time between Lhasa and Nyingchi to 3.5 hours, half the time traveled by road. It also reduces travel time between Shannan and Nyingchi to about 2.5 hours, 2 hours less than by car. 

According to Lhasa railway station, tickets are in sufficient supply between Lhasa and Shannan and Nyingchi, fulfilling the needs of different passengers, including tourists and students commuting between home and school, as well as people visiting families and traveling for work.

To provide better services to passengers, train crew members have received training to serve as translators, tour guides and sometimes medics, if needed. The train's radio repeatedly broadcasts how to use oxygen equipment during operation.

The company also has paid much attention to the maintenance of the train. A full inspection, including seats, air conditioners and oxygen generators, will be carried out after each operation.