Top 10 digitalized Chinese cities
Updated: Jan 18, 2021

CCID Consulting, a firm affiliated with a think tank under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released on Dec 18 a research white book titled the 2020 Top 100 Chinese Digitalized Cities, evaluating the level of digital construction in 293 Chinese cities.

CCID Consulting deemed going digital is not only the trend for Chinese cities but also a development demand for the country's economy which is embodied in industrial development, city construction, government management, social governance and public services.

The ranking is based on six aspects of a city's digital development, namely economy, governance, government affairs, people's livelihood, innovation and infrastructure construction.

Let's take a look at the top 10 digitalized Chinese cities.

No 10 Tianjin

A sunset view of the financial block of Tianjin on Nov 30, 2020. [Photo/IC]

No 9 Nanjing

Tourists take photos at Xuanwu Lake scenic spot in Nanjing on Nov 22, 2020. [Photo/IC]

No 8 Chongqing

A building with chopstick-shaped beams in Chongqing on Jan 4, 2021. [Photo/IC]

No 7 Qingdao

"Trees" made from beer bottles are covered with snow in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, on Dec 30, 2020. [Photo/IC]

No 6 Dongguan

Chang'an Sports Park in Dongguan, South China's Guangdong province, on Aug 13, 2020. [Photo/IC]

No 5 Hangzhou

Cormorants are seen at the West Lake in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, on Dec 3, 2015. [Photo/IC]

No 4 Guangzhou

A view of the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, April 16, 2019. [Photo/IC]

No 3 Beijing

The Palace Museum in Beijing. [Photo by Su Tangshi/China Daily]

No 2 Shanghai

Stunning night scenery on the Huangpu River in Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]

No 1 Shenzhen

An aerial photo taken on Aug 13, 2020, shows a view of Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province. [Photo/Xinhua]