Huawei unveils 15 cutting-edge consumer products

By Chai Hua in Shenzhen |
Updated: Nov 6, 2020
Huawei Technologies Co debuts 15 Internet of Things products in Shenzhen on Nov 5. [Photo by Chai Hua/]

A pillow to monitor sleep quality, a toothbrush that can play mobile phone games and a doorbell capable of recognizing guests … Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies Co debuted 15 Internet of Things products at an event in Shenzhen on Thursday.

Shan Gang, head of HiLink ecosystem at Huawei Consumer Business Group, said the sector's revenue in 2020 has risen five times over last year.

HiLink is Huawei's strategy to offer fully integrated mobile internet solutions to consumers worldwide by providing easy access to various smart appliances and electronics.

Smart household electrical appliances often require complicated processes to connect with the internet, such as downloading mobile phone applications or scan QR code, Shan said.

Shan Gang, head of HiLink ecosystem at Huawei Consumer Business Group, delivers speech at a new product launch event in Shenzhen on Nov 5. [Photo provided to]

To address the issue, HiLink adopted a convenient and quick way of setting up connection by just "touching" cameras, table lamps or other apparatuses with users' mobile phones, and the connection is ready automatically in five seconds.

Moreover, Huawei's latest vehicle-mounted smart screen and intelligent camera released at the event are the first applications of its HarmonyOS distributed operating system in the IoT ecosystem.

Besides Huawei, the world's technology heavyweights are betting big on intelligent home devices. According to market consultancy Strategy Analytics, the global market of smart household appliances is expected to reach $157 billion by 2023.

Huawei unveils its first smart vacuum cleaner in Shenzhen. [Photo by Chai Hua/]

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