Tibet discharges only known novel coronavirus pneumonia patient

By Palden Nyima and Daqiong in Lhasa, Tibet | chinadaily.com.cn
Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The only confirmed patient so far of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region has recovered and was discharged a hospital on Wednesday, according to the region's health commission.

The patient, surnamed Zhang, 34, is a male resident of Suizhou, Hubei province. He experienced a cough, fever and muscle weakness on Jan 25 and was admitted to the region's Third People's Hospital for isolation and treatment. Zhang was confirmed as having NCP on Jan 29.

Zhang had been receiving medical treatment in the hospital for the last 18 days, and the region's health commission has been conducting many meetings to discuss treatment measures and arrangements for him during the period.

According to the hospital, a team of medical experts evaluated his situation and found he had a normal body temperature for more than a week, symptoms in the respiratory tract were gone and pulmonary imaging showed a return to normal.

Zhang was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Wang Yunting, Party chief of the region's health commission, presented him a khada – a white piece of silk representing purity and respect by Tibetans, and advised him to watch his diet, engage in physical activity and keep up his spirits.

"When I learned that I was a confirmed case of the disease, I suffered great stress and was very sad," said the patient.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the medical staff who gave me much care, and especially, I want to say thanks to the doctors and nurses of the Tibet Third People's Hospital, and the Tibetan people."